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We have developed a niche market in supplying pizza cookware. All the major pizza chains in Australia choose our products for their consistent high quality and our reliable service and we also supply to New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

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001-000-M0006 6" ALUM PAN
001-100-M0006 6" M/STEEL PAN
001-000-M0009 9" ALUM PAN
001-100-M0009 9" M/STEEL PAN
001-000-M0012 12" ALUM PAN
001-100-M0012 12" M/STEEL PAN
001-000-M0015 15" ALUM PAN
001-100-M0015 15" M/STEEL PAN
001-000-M0018 18" ALUM PAN

Mild Steel Trays
002-100-M0009 9" M/STEEL TRAY
002-100-M0012 12" M/STEEL TRAY
002-100-M0015 15" M/STEEL TRAY
Aluminium Trays
002-000-M0006 6" ALUM TRAY
002-000-M0009 9" ALUM TRAY
002-000-M0012 12" ALUM TRAY
002-000-M0015 15" ALUM TRAY
002-000-M0018 18" ALUM TRAY

004-000-M0006 6" ALUM LID
004-000-M0009 9" ALUM LID
004-000-M0012 12" ALUM LID
004-000-M0013 13" ALUM LID

004-000-M0015 15" ALUM LID

005-000-M0006 6" ALUM RING
005-000-M0009 9" ALUM RING
005-000-M0012 12" PLASTIC RING
005-000-M0013 13" ALUM RING

005-000-M0014 14" ALUM RING

005-000-M0015 15" ALUM RING

005-000-M0018 18" ALUM RING

Stainless steel lifter with wooden handle
018-900-M0000 - PIZZA LIFTER
Plastic Dough Docker
013-900-M0000 - DOUGH DOCKER
Stainless steel blade with wooden handle
014-900-M0000 - DOUGH CUTTER
Stainless steel Rocking Knife
011-400-M0000 - ROCKING KNIFE
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