Automatic Spinning Shop 

Metal Spinners Pty Ltd is a South Australian owned Company, which has been manufacturing quality metal spun products for nearly 50 years.

Metal Spinners Pty Ltd wish to be recognised by our customers as a manufacturer of the highest quality metal spun goods, through our investment in automatic spinning machines, use of the best raw materials and highly skilled committed staff.

Metal Spinners Pty Ltd will never compromise on the quality of their products and will continuously seek to maintain the value they deliver to their customers. Our mission is dedication to customer service and satisfaction at all times.

The professional skills of our staff and the sophistication of our automatic spinning machines has enabled the Company to be competitive on a global scale. Our investment in the latest technology enables Metal Spinners Pty Ltd to achieve a level of accuracy and consistency which is simply not possible with other forms of metal spinning.

Metal Spinners Pty Ltd has achieved quality standard to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 and we will cotinuously strive to remain truly world competitive.


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